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Incentivise Partners with Complexica to Provide Benchmark Customer Behaviour Analysis

14 April 2016

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing activities, announced today that it has signed a partnership with Melbourne-based Incentivise. 

Data segmentation is at the top of many marketers’ wish lists but seldom do many of Australia’s leading organisations apply best practice. This can result in ill-devised campaigns, which can be costly and ineffective. Incentivise, one of Australia’s most innovative engagement agencies, has drawn a strategic alliance with Complexica who is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and its application with data management and sales acquisition.

The new partnership will offer clients a range of software and services that will compliment Incentivise’s strategic loyalty work, they include:

The face of the new offering is an AI-based software robot called "Larry, the Digital Analyst®", which is comprised of a variety of algorithms designed to automate complex analytical tasks at a fraction of the time. Larry can then graft information off the internet to make a series of recommendations based on the exhibited behaviour.

For clients that are serious about customer acquisition, retention and engagement, this new alliance provides the best of both worlds. Having both worked with large clients and been privy to their data and engagement needs, Incentivise and Complexica believe they can offer a dynamic offering. Matt Michalewicz, Managing Director of Complexica, agrees: "This is an exciting partnership we are embarking on and one that makes total sense for Incentivise, Complexica and most importantly our clients."

The partnership has already resulted in conversations with some of Australia’s top brands that have received the offering very favorably. "We have had a great couple of years but are still in our infancy in many respects. A strategic alliance with Complexica at this stage of our development aims to bolster our client offerings significantly and provide our clients with a truly end-to-end engagement solution", said Cameron Barr, Co-founder of Incentivise.


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