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Balance Supply & Demand for Optimal Customer Service 

Demand and Inventory Replenishment Planner

Are your demand forecasts easy to analyse, audit and adjust?

Is demand planning a labour-intensive and error-prone process in your organisation?

Are your current replenishment planning workflows complicated and hard to optimise?

Is a lot of your demand planners' time spent on manually monitoring inventory levels?

Manage by exception and focus on what matters

Sudden and unexpected changes in demand can wreak havoc in any organisation. When the success of a business hinges on being able to balance supply and demand for optimal customer service, such fluctuations need be be kept in check on a regular basis. 

This is where management by exception can add significant value to demand planning. Management by exception eliminates errors or inefficiencies that can unavoidably creep into demand forecasts. This approach frees demand planners to focus on what matters without wasting time on manually monitoring inventory levels. 

AI-generated alerts identify any anomalies (out of stocks/low SOH, min/max levels, order shortages etc.) so demand planners can proactively manage them before they get out of control and disrupt the business. 

Avoid hidden costs of suboptimal ordering

  • Reduce the time and effort involved in planning inventory and replenishment
  • Optimise the trade-off between minimising inventory costs and maximising customer service levels
  • Adjust forecasts at multiple levels (store, site, region, nationally)
  • Improve demand forecasts adjusting for spikes and declines
  • Reduce costs associated  with product storage, obsolescence, and internal reallocations
  • Build optimal inventory level with automated out of stock/excess/substitution alerts 
  • Replace home-grown spreadsheets with a digital environment that provides a single source of truth and automated workflows


If you are still using home-grown spreadsheets to manage your demand planning and forecasting activities, now is the time to replace them with a cloud-based AI system that provides multi-user access to a centralised dashboard.

Stop wasting time in Excel on manual activities such as generating inventory (excess stock, low stock on hand, out of stock etc.) or forecasting reports. 

Our customers have significantly reduced the effort and time required for demand planning by replacing thousands of home-grown spreadsheets or legacy software with a centralised, fully digitalised and easy to use system.



Complexica's Demand Planning solution replaces spreadsheets with a cloud-base AI system
Complexica's Demand Planning solution helps automate demand planning and replenishment process


Automate your demand planning and replenishment process to reduce dependence on domain experts and "key personnel".

Demand Planner automatically builds and submits optimised orders, so users only have to manage exceptions and focus on more value-adding activities that are suggested by the system, such as managing out of stocks and redistributing excess stock. 

Significantly reduce the time and effort involved in planning inventory and replenishment for optimal customer fill rate. 



Make the most of the Demand Planner's advanced optimisation capabilities to produce more accurate demand forecasts based on the combination of the latest advances in AI and traditional statistical methods. 

Achieve optimal customer service by optimising inventory, reducing stock-outs and excess stock. 



Complexica's Demand Planning solution produces accurate demand forecasts to achieve optimal customer service
Complexica's Demand Planning solution produces accurate demand forecasts by combining traditional statistical methods with the latest advances in AI


Augment traditional statistical methods with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to produce better demand forecasts.  

Improve financial planning and customer fill rate by ordering  (or manufacturing) the right stock or product, at the right place, at the right time.



What customers say about Demand Planner

"The deployment of Complexica’s Decision Cloud® for demand planning and replenishment optimisation will allow us to improve our forecast accuracy, reduce stockouts and excess inventory, as well as reduce the manual effort involved in replenishing stock.” 

Richard Cohen, CIO PFD Foods Services

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Balance supply and demand for optimal customer service

Balance supply and demand

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