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Complexica Named Winner of 2018 Australian Business Award for CRM Innovation

4 August 2018

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing decisions, announced today that it was named winner of the 2018 Australian Business Award for CRM Innovation. Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM provides a single view of each customer, a historical record of all interactions, and a variety of reports, alerts, and notifications – all without burdening end users with data entry. As sales staff go about their job, “Touchless” CRM monitors their plans, tasks, and executed activities, and automatically updates the appropriate customer record (hence the name “Touchless”). The less time that sales teams spend updating CRM, the greater their compliance will be. For more information on Complexica's Touchless CRM, please visit: https://www.complexica.com/touchless-crm 

"We are enormously happy to receive this award for Complexica's work in applying Artificial Intelligence to the area of customer relationship management", said Matthew Michalewicz, Complexica's CEO. "What's unique about our approach is the use of machine learning paired with large external data sets to automatically identify opportunities and potential problems within each sales territory, and then provide each sales rep with “machine-generated” conversation points for each customer or prospect. This represents a new level of targeting, micro-personalisation, and automated segmentation in the field of CRM. Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM also provides sales reps with precise quoting and pricing recommendations, which rely on advanced machine learning techniques and external datasets."

The Australian Business Awards are an annual all-encompassing awards program which recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, product innovation, technological achievement and employee engagement via a set of comprehensive award categories.

For more information on Complexica's award, please visit: https://2018.australianbusinessawards.com.au/2018-winners/crm-innovation-awards-2018/complexica-touchless-crm-2018-crm 

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