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The founders of Complexica have worked together for almost 20 years building enterprise software applications that are “smart” and “adaptive”. Such applications bring together the disciplines of algorithmic science and software engineering, as the “science” enables the "smarts" within the software. In addition to authoring thousands of publications and dozens of books, our staff and scientific advisors possess decades of real-world experience in applying Artificial Intelligence to complex business problems. Our enterprise software optimising decisions employs techniques from a range of fields, including deep learning, predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulation, and big data analytics.

Key People and Research Partners

Matt Michalewicz Chief Executive Officer

Constantin Chiriac, M.Sc. Chief Software Architect

Dr. Zbigniew "Mike" Michalewicz, Ph.D. Chief Scientist

Doug Misener Corporate Strategy Advisor

Mike Costa Director, Strategic Accounts & Customer Success

Leonardo Arantes, M.B.A. Director, Business Development

Kalyan Avvaru, M.Sc. Chief Technology Officer

Murad Mekhtiev Manager, Business and Data Analysis

Larisa Stamova, M.B.A. Marketing Manager

Sabina Zeynalova Marketing Coordinator

Aditya Khaire, M.Sc. Senior Business & Data Analyst

Irfan Azeem, M.Sc. Business & Data Analyst

Xiang Li, M.Sc. Machine Learning Scientist

Lukasz Olech, M.Sc. Machine Learning Scientist

Dr. Ali Shemshadi, Ph.D. Machine Learning Scientist

Dr. Riky Tan, Ph.D. Technical Project Manager/Product Owner

Jon Lee, B.Sc. Technical Project Manager/Product Owner

Abdelrahman Elborey, M.Sc. Technical Team Lead

Luiza Michalewicz, M.B.A. Manager, Customer Experience

Hugh Lam Customer Experience Analyst

Polish-Japanese Academy
of Information Technology
Research Partner

RMIT University Research Partner

University of Adelaide Research Partner

Institute of Data and Analytics Research Partner

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Kenneth De Jong, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Frank Neumann, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Xiaodong Li, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Kalyanmoy Deb, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Raymond Chiong, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Adam Wierzbicki, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Reza Bonyadi, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Thomas Weise, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Carlos Coello, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Markus Wagner, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Masoud Mohammadian, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Mengjie Zhang, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Zbigniew Raś, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. A.E. Eiben, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Ernesto Costa, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Pablo Moscato, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Vic Ciesielski, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Łukasz Brocki, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Dr. Longbing Cao, Ph.D. Scientific Advisor

Adam Michalewicz Scientific Advisor


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 "Larry will be our digital expert that will enable our sales team and add that technological advantage that our competitors don't have."

Kerry Smith
CEO, PFD Foods
$1.6 billion in revenue
PFD Food Services uses Complexica's Order Management System

 "Following a successful proof-of-concept earlier this year, we have selected Complexica as our vendor of choice for standardizing and optimising our promotional planning activities. Complexica’s Promotional Campaign Manager will provide us with a cloud-based platform for automating and optimising promotional planning for more than 2,700 stores, leading to improved decision-making, promotional effectiveness, and financial outcomes for our retail stores."

Rod Pritchard
Interim CEO, Australian Liquor Marketers
$3.4 billion in revenue
 Australian Liquor Marketers choose Complexica’s Promotional Campaign Manager

 "After evaluating a number of software applications and vendors available on the market, we have decided to partner with Complexica for sales force optimisation and automation. We have found Complexica’s applications to be best suited for our extensive SKU range and large set of customers, being capable of generating recommendations and insights without burdening our sales staff with endless data analysis and interpretation. We have been enjoying working with Complexica and particularly like their partnering approach to solving customer problems. We look forward to deploying Complexica within our business to help sales staff focus on what they do best – providing maximum value and service to our customers."

Aemel Nordin
Managing Director, Polyaire
Polyaire chooses Complexica for sales force optimisation and automation

 "DuluxGroup is pleased to expand its relationship with Complexica, a valued strategic partner and supplier to our business. Complexica’s software will enable DuluxGroup to reduce the amount of time required to generate usable insights, increase our campaign automation capability, personalise our communications based on core metrics, and close the loop on sales results to optimise ongoing digital marketing activity."

James Jones
Group Head of CRM, DuluxGroup
DuluxGroup Extends Partnership with Complexica

 "Instead of hiring hundreds of data scientists to churn through endless sets of data to provide PFD with customer-specific insights and personalised recommendations, Larry, the Digital Analyst® will serve up the answers we need, when we need them, on a fully automated basis without the time and manual processes typically associated with complex analytical tasks.”

Richard Cohen
CIO, PFD Foods
$1.6 billion in revenue
PFD Food Services PFD Food Services uses Complexica's Order Management System

 "As a global innovator in the wine industry, Pernod Ricard Winemakers is always seeking ways to gain efficiencies and best practices across our operational sites. Given the rise of Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics in recent times, we have engaged Complexica to explore how we can achieve a best-in-class wine supply chain using their cloud-based software applications. The engagement is focused on Australia & New Zealand, with a view to expand globally."

Brett McKinnon
Global Operations Director, Pernod Ricard Winemakers

"70% - 80% of what we do is about promotional activity, promotional pricing -- essentially what we take to the marketplace. This is one of the most comprehensive, most complex, one of the most difficult aspect of our business to get right. With Complexica, we will be best in class - there will not be anybody in the market that can perform this task more effectively or more efficiently than we can."

Doug Misener
CEO, Liquor Marketing Group
1,400+ retail stores
Liquor Marketing Group LMG uses Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager

 "The key thing that makes such a difference in working with Complexica is their focus on delivering the business benefits and outcomes of the project."

Doug Misener
CEO, Liquor Marketing Group
1,400+ retail stores
Liquor Marketing Group LMG uses Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager

 "Australia needs smart technology and people, and it has been a great experience for me to observe Complexica co-founders Zbigniew and Matt Michalewicz assemble great teams of people using their mathematical, logic, programming, and business skills to create world-beating products. They are leaders in taking our bright graduates and forging them into the businesses of the future."

Lewis Owens
Chairman of the Board, SA Water

 "Having known the team behind Complexica for some years ago now, I am struck by their ability to make the complex simple - to use data and all its possibilities for useful purpose. They bring real intelligence to AI and have an commercial approach to its application."

Andrew McEvoy
Managing Director, Fairfax Media - Digital

 "I have worked with the team at Complexica for a number of years and have found them professional, innovative and have appreciated their partnership approach to delivering solutions to complex problems."

Kelvin McGrath
CIO, Asciano

“Working with Complexica to deliver Project Automate has been a true partnership from the initial stages of analysis of LMG’s existing processes and data handling, through scoping and development phase and onto delivery and process change adoption. The Complexica team have delivered considerable value at each stage and will continue to be a valued partner to LMG."

Gavin Saunders
CFO, Liquor Marketing Group
Liquor Marketing Group LMG uses Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager

 “Complexica’s Order Management System and Larry, the Digital Analyst will provide more than 300 Bunzl account managers with real-time analytics and insights, to empower decision making and enhanced support. This will create more time for our teams to enable them to see more customers each day and provide the Bunzl personalised experience.”

Kim Hetherington
CEO, Bunzl Australasia
Bunzl Australia uses Complexica's Order Management System

 "The team behind Complexica develops software products that are at the cutting edge of science and technology, always focused on the opportunities to deliver a decisive competitive edge to business. It has always been a great experience collaborating with Matthew, Zbigniew and Co."

Mike Lomman
GM Demand Chain, Roy Hill Iron Ore

 "The innovations that the Complexica team are capable of continue to amaze me. They look at problems from the client side and use a unique approach to collaborating with and deeply understanding their customers challenges. This uniquely differentiates what they bring to market and how they deliver value to customers."

John Ansley
CIO, Toll Group

 "Rather than building out an internal analytics team to investigate and analyse countless data sets, we have partnered with Complexica to provide our sales reps with the answers they need, when they need them, on a fully automated basis. We are excited about the benefits that Larry, the Digital Analyst will deliver to our business.”

Peter Caughey
CEO, Coventry Group
Coventry Group uses Complexica's Order Management System

 “Complexica’s Order Management System and Larry, the Digital Analyst will provide more than 300 Bunzl account managers with real-time analytics and insights, to empower decision making and enhanced support. This will create more time for our teams to enable them to see more customers each day and provide the Bunzl personalised experience.”

Kim Hetherington
CEO, Bunzl Australasia
Bunzl Australia uses Complexica's Order Management System

 "Complexica will allow Treasury Wine Estates to modernise its process of conducting customer service related analysis, to a software application that can answer complex questions and optimise for various KPIs at the press of a button. We have found that answering complex “what-if” questions is a challenging and time-consuming endeavour, and we believe Complexica’s What-if Simulator & Optimiser can provide us with a platform for scenario analysis that will improve our decision-making in the future."

Justin Pipito
CFO - ANZ, Treasury Wine Estates

 "After an evaluation process and successful proof-of-concept in 2016, we have chosen to partner with Complexica to upgrade the technological capability of our in-field sales force. The next-generation Customer Opportunity Profiler provided by Complexica will serve as a key tool for sales staff to optimise their daily activities, personalise conversations and interactions with customers, and analyse data to generate actionable insights."

Stephen Mooney
Group Sales Capability Manager, DuluxGroup
$1.7 billion in revenue
Dulux Group uses Complexica's Customer Opportunity Profiler

 "After evaluating a number of software systems available in the marketplace, we have ultimately selected Complexica as our vendor of choice for sales force automation and CRM. Given the large SKU range we carry and very long tail of customers we serve, Complexica’s applications are best suited to deal with this inherent complexity without burdening our staff with endless data entry."

Nick Carr
CEO, Haircaire Australia
Australia's largest distributor of haircare products
Haircare Australia to use Complexica's Customer Opportunity Profiler, CRM and Order Management System

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