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Liquor Barons Selects Complexica's Decision Cloud® for Promotional Planning and Supplier Portal

14 January 2021

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that Liquor Barons in WA has selected Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) as its product of choice for promotional planning and supplier portal functionality. The project will begin with a scoping and specification phase in early January.

“At Liquor Barons we have an entrepreneurial mindset and are proud of being proactive rather than reactive in our approach to delivering the best possible customer service, which includes our premier liquor loyalty program and consumer-driven marketing,” said Richard Verney, Marketing Manager of Liquor Barons. “Given Complexica’s expertise in the Liquor industry, and significant customer base on both the retail and supplier side, we chose Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager for digitalizing our spreadsheet-based approach for promotion planning, range management, and supplier portal access, which in turn will lift the sophistication of our key marketing processes.”

“Promotional Planning – in particular the process of engaging and collaborating with suppliers – is a high-value and yet time consuming exercise. One that, when done efficiently, can lead to positive decisions that grow the entire category. On the flipside, these processes carry the risk for duplication, manual re-work and data integrity issues, in particular when run from multiple spreadsheets,” said Leonardo Arantes, Business Development Director of Complexica. “Our Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) will bring significant benefits to Liquor Barons' operation and ensure they differentiate themselves through a best-in-class supplier experience. This will reduce effort across the board, while leading to improved decision-making, promotional effectiveness, supplier collaboration, and financial outcomes for the retail stores.”


As part of Complexica's Decision Cloud® software platform, the Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) provides mission-critical functionality for planning and analyzing retail promotional campaigns, as well as predicting and optimising their effectiveness. Powered by Complexica’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence engine  Larry, the Digital Analyst®  the Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) uses internal and external data to provide practical decision support for promotional activities, as well as:

  • Replace home-grown spreadsheets with a cloud-based system that provides multi-user access to centralised slotting boards, forward plans, and dashboard analytics
  • Provide predictive capabilities to forecast and measure the value of plans based on volume, revenue, and margin predictions
  • Provide optimisation capabilities to produce optimised promotional plans based on a variety of constraints and objectives (for example maximising margin in one territory while not decreasing revenue in others)
  • Automate data loadinghandling, and manipulation 

Liquor Barons is the only 100% West Australian, independently owned and operated, retail liquor co-operative, with over 60 stores spread through the state. For more information about Liquor Barons, please visit: www.liquorbarons.com.au 

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