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Deloitte Insights: Optimizing Value Through AI in Pharma

7 June 2021

Deloitte insights covers Pfizer Australia's partnership with Complexica for the deployment of its What-if Simulator & Optimiser, powered by Larry, the Digital Analyst® which can test and optimise a variety of complex what-if scenarios based on large internal and external data sets. Moreover, the AI platform allows users to: 
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Artificial Intelligence Firm Complexica says Listing the Next Step as Pernod Ricard Project Rolls Out

23 February 2021

Having just implemented a two year program to inject artificial intelligence smarts across Pernod Ricard’s global winemaking processes, Adelaide tech firm Complexica now has its sights on an ASX listing for next year. The company, headed up by managing director Matthew Michalewicz, will be looking to raise $25-$50 million to help drive further growth and market recognition of the firm, founded seven years ago.

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Another DuluxGroup Business Unit to Deploy Complexica's Artificial Intelligence Software for Better Conversations, Improved Profiling, and Targeted Growth

5 February 2021

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that it has signed a contract with DuluxGroup to deploy Complexica's Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP) into the Powder & Industrial Coatings business unit for national use by account managers.

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Complexica Embarks on ISO27001 Accreditation with Cybersecurity Specialist Firm CQR Australia

14 October 2019

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales, marketing, & supply chain decisions, announced today that they have partnered with CQR Australia Pty Ltd, in their pursuit of achieving ISO 27001 certification, one of the most globally recognised information security standards.

"Complexica recognises the need to make our Information Security Management System and associated processes world-class, so we can appropriately manage growing risks of software and data breaches that are becoming ever more common in today's cyber environment," said Matt Michalewicz, CEO of Complexica. "As such, we've partnered with CQR Australia Pty Ltd, to realise ISO 27001 certification, improve our internal systems and process, and provide reassurance to our global customers and partners that our internal security controls are managed to a global standard."

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ALM CEO is a New Champion for Successful Independents

23 September 2019

Chris Baddock has officially taken over as CEO at Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM) after being announced as Scott Marshall’s successor back in October last year. Baddock is a well credentialed executive with more than 25 years of experience, many of those in liquor, with a background on both the supplier and retailer sides. For its September issue, National Liquor News caught up with Baddock to find out a bit more about his background and what his plans are for ALM moving forward.

NLN: Can you tell me a bit about ALM’s partnership with Complexica and how that’s progressing?

It’s exciting. We’re in phase one, and phase one is going to ensure that we optimise the promotional programming for our retailers. What it’s really doing is focusing on what the consumers are purchasing today, that will help us understand what’s emerging regarding categories. And through literally hundreds of thousands of lines of data, understand what the correct mix is for both the consumer and the retailer. So, it’s giving us the optimal mix and we’ve already scoped phase two and three. That is where artificial intelligence (AI) will help us build even more effective promotional programming.

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Artificial Intelligence and Pharma Sales

2 April 2019

Research into artificial intelligence (AI) started in the 1950s but the technology has only recently been put to use by industry. In fact, this time last year, just 15% of businesses were using AI and 31% planned to use it within a year. According to Veeva, the technology could transform pharmaceutical sales in 2019. Put simply, AI is the development of ‘intelligent’ computers that can perform a number of human-like tasks. The technology should develop traits, such as reasoning, problem-solving, perception and planning, and learn from past experiences. Overall, AI should think and behave rationally, in a way that is similar to humans.

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Future-Proof Selling: AI & How it's Optimising Sales Activities

25 March 2019

Matt Michalewicz has spent his whole working life in the AI field. He is a serial entrepreneur who is currently the founder and CEO of Complexica, an amazing tech company at the cutting edge of AI solutions for the sales function. Matt shares what's going on in the world of AI in general, and then narrows in on how it can assist the sales function. Many companies are applying this technology already, and it's clear that we will all be following suit very soon - or risk being left behind. The Complexica software application, called Larry, the Digital Analyst®, helps salespeople visit the right customers at the right time, and assists them with the best talking points in order to improve your productivity. Sales reps (especially those with busy territories) just don't have the time to fully research every call manually. Larry does it all for you, and provides relevant advice directly to your tablet or phone.

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Australian Outdoor Living to use Larry, the Digital Analyst® to Optimise Marketing Mix & Media Spend

11 January 2019

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales, marketing, & supply chain decisions, announced today that it has signed a contract with Australian Outdoor Living for the deployment of its What-if Simulator & Optimiser, powered by Complexica’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence platform, Larry, the Digital Analyst®. The software will be used to optimise Australian Outdoor Living's marketing mix and media spend decisions.

 “We have selected Complexica as our vendor of choice for adding advanced prediction and optimisation capabilities to our business, and look forward to working together on our sales & marketing analytical challenges,” said Daryl Chim, Chief Operating Officer at Australian Outdoor Living. “Complexica’s What-if Simulator & Optimiser will provide us with a platform for improved decision-making across our marketing mix & media spend, leading to enhanced ROI and improved business outcomes.”

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Metcash Selects Complexica's Artificial Intelligence Software for Promotional Planning Optimisation within its Liquor Division

21 August 2018

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing decisions, announced today that it has signed a contract with Metcash’s liquor division - Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM) - for the delivery of its award-winning Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM). 

“Following a successful proof-of-concept earlier this year, we have selected Complexica as our vendor of choice for standardizing and optimising our promotional planning activities,” said Rod Pritchard, Interim CEO of Australian Liquor Marketers. “Complexica’s Promotional Campaign Manager will provide us with a cloud-based platform for automating and optimising promotional planning for more than 2,700 stores, leading to improved decision-making, promotional effectiveness, and financial outcomes for our retail stores.”

Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM), the liquor division of Metcash, operates out of 15 distribution centres in Australia and New Zealand. With annual revenues in excess of $3.4 billion, ALM is Australia’s largest broad-range liquor wholesaler, supplying over 12,000 liquor-licensed premises throughout Australia. ALM supports over 2,700 independently-owned stores operating under the IBA banner group. Well-known IBA brands include Cellarbrations, the Bottle-O, IGA Liquor, Thirsty Camel and Porters Liquor. For more information, please visit: https://www.metcash.com/our-businesses/liquor

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How AI Will Change Enterprise Sales (and How it Won't)

13 August 2018

It's not an exaggeration to say that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation pose existential threats to many professions—the number may be as high as 10 million, more jobs than were impacted by the Great Recession of 2008—and sales is no exception. In fact, Forrester predicts a million sales reps will be displaced by 2020.

And yet, like the doomed revelers in the film "Independence Day" who celebrate the arrival of aliens who promptly blow them up, many salespeople seem to be actually looking forward to the arrival of AI. Take Cien’s Global Study on the Future of Sales, for instance, which found that a full 88 percent of sales professionals expect AI to simply make their jobs easier in the next 10 years, not render their profession obsolete.

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Complexica Named Winner of 2018 Australian Business Award for CRM Innovation

4 August 2018

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing decisions, announced today that it was named winner of the 2018 Australian Business Award for CRM Innovation. Complexica’s “Touchless” CRM provides a single view of each customer, a historical record of all interactions, and a variety of reports, alerts, and notifications – all without burdening end users with data entry. As sales staff go about their job, “Touchless” CRM monitors their plans, tasks, and executed activities, and automatically updates the appropriate customer record (hence the name “Touchless”). The less time that sales teams spend updating CRM, the greater their compliance will be. For more information on Complexica's Touchless CRM, please visit: https://www.complexica.com/touchless-crm 

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Pernod Ricard Winemakers Signs Contract with Complexica to Explore Application of Artificial Intelligence

7 May 2018

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of enterprise software based on Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics, announced today that it has signed a contract with Pernod Ricard Winemakers to explore the application of Complexica’s Artificial Intelligence software to various supply & demand functions within Pernod Ricard Winemakers.

“As a global innovator in the wine industry, Pernod Ricard Winemakers is always seeking ways to gain efficiencies and best practices across our operational sites,” said Brett McKinnon, Global Operations Director at Pernod Ricard Winemakers. “Given the rise of Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics in recent times, we have engaged Complexica to explore how we can achieve a best-in-class wine supply chain using their cloud-based software applications. The engagement is focused on Australia & New Zealand, with a view to expand globally.”

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