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Pernod Ricard Winemakers Continues Global Roll-out of Complexica’s Decision Cloud® With Spain Deployment

5 September 2022

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for optimising sales, marketing, & supply chain activities, announced today that it has commenced implementation of its Decision Cloud® software platform into the Spanish operation of Pernod Ricard Winemakers. This deployment follows a series of go-lives across Australia and New Zealand, and forms part of a multi-year transformational project for Pernod Ricard Winemakers that is transitioning the business from paper, whiteboard, and spreadsheet-based systems, to Complexica’s cloud-based applications for supply chain planning, scheduling, and AI-driven optimisation. Earlier phases of the project were focused on the digitalisation of business processes and optimization of planning and scheduling activities within winery, finished goods, and bottling operations, whereas later phases focused on the optimization of vintage-related activities in terms of harvesting and transporting grapes into wineries for intake and crushing.

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Complexica Named One of Australia's Top 20 Tech Companies

29 May 2021

Helping some of the biggest brands across Australia and the globe make better decisions is a simple way to explain what artificial intelligence firm Complexica does, but it also vastly undersells them. It’s by no accident that the company has been able to bring on brands like Pfizer, Pernod Ricard and Metcash over the past seven years, with products such as Decision Cloud and Larry, the Digital Analyst helping Complexica’s customers navigate decision-making processes well beyond the capacity of human managers.

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ALM Outlines its Digital Transformation

14 April 2021

Speaking at a recent investor day for Metcash, ALM CEO Chris Baddock has outlined a transformation of its digital business as one of four key initiatives. The other three initiatives include driving brand awareness and appeal, owned and exclusive brands and supply chain flexibility and efficiency. He added: “It’s no good having great systems if you don’t have great data, so we have to clean our data and make sure there is a conduit between the retailer and ourselves, so that we can use that data to give the most effective and efficient promotional programs.”

ALM has already started working with Complexica to use artificial intelligence to develop promotional plans and also to help predict marketplace performance.

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Liquor Barons Selects Complexica's Decision Cloud® for Promotional Planning and Supplier Portal

14 January 2021

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that Liquor Barons in WA has selected Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) as its product of choice for promotional planning and supplier portal functionality. The project will begin with a scoping and specification phase in early January.

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Webinar Explores AI potential for Drinks Industry

26 September 2020

Complexica Managing Director Matt Michalewicz has discussed the rise of artificial intelligence and its potential for the drinks industry at a Drinks Association webinar

“For the liquor industry in particular, advances in Artificial Intelligence systems and Machine Learning algorithms can drive improvements in high-value areas such as trade spend and promotional planning, pricing, demand forecasting and inventory optimization, as well as multi-channel marketing and sales activities,” Michalewicz said. "The problem is that there has been so much technological development in the recent past, that most liquor industry participants are unaware of what’s now possible and the benefits that can be realised.”

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The Haircare Group Expands Complexica Deployment into New Zealand

17 September 2020

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that it has signed a contract with the Haircare Group for the deployment of its Decision Cloud® Order Management System (OMS) across the Haircare New Zealand business. Complexica's software platform will provide Haircare's staff in New Zealand with advanced capabilities for quoting, order processing, and guided-selling, which are collectively powered by Complexica’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine, Larry, the Digital Analyst®. Complexica's Decision Cloud® OMS and CRM applications have been in production use within the Australian operation of the Haircare Group since early 2018.

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Complexica CEO Featured in Toll Today

19 December 2019

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that the company's CEO – Matt Michalewicz – was featured in Toll Today, a monthly publication that goes to Toll's top 200 customers, industry, government and 40,000 employees. Matt was the opening keynote speaker at Toll's 2019 Future Logistics conference in Melbourne in August, where he presented on the differences between innovation & disruption, macro trends that are driving disruption and re-shaping customer expectations across various industries, the rise of Artificial Intelligence, and how to enable innovation from within and partner across silos, operating units, and businesses to generate greater win-win outcomes.

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Polyaire Signs with Complexica for AI-driven CRM

15 October 2019

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that it has signed a contract with Polyaire for the deployment of its "Touchless" Customer Relation Manager (CRM) application for use by sales & marketing staff, as well as management. The deployment follows on the successful deployment of Complexica's Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP) in 2018, powered by the award-winning Artificial Intelligence engine, Larry, the Digital Analyst®.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with Complexica into the area of Customer Relationship Management, which will provide our business with corporate memory around customer interactions, transactions, and overall engagement," said Aemel Nordin, Managing Director of Polyaire. "Over the past few years we have found Complexica to be a valued technology partner that is easy to deal with, and yet commercially focused in terms of business outcomes. This deployment will extend the functionality and footprint of the Complexica application suite within the national Polyaire operation."

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PFD Food Services Implements Complexica's Decision Cloud for Sales Enablement

20 May 2019

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales, marketing, & supply chain decisions, announced today that it has signed a contract with PFD Food Services for the deployment of its AI-driven software to automate and optimise in-field sales activities. Under the contract, PFD Food Services will deploy Complexica’s Touchless CRM, Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP) and Order Management System (OMS), which are all powered by Complexica’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence engine, Larry, the Digital Analyst®. The cloud-based applications will be deployed as an integrated platform to assist PFD’s in-field sales team across the entire sales process – from call planning and visiting customers, through to in-field quoting & ordering and the recording of customer information.

“After evaluating a number of software systems available in the marketplace, we have ultimately selected Complexica for sales force automation and CRM,” said Kerry Smith, CEO of PFD Food Services. “Given our extensive product range and long tail of hospitality customers, Complexica’s applications are best suited to deal with this inherent complexity without burdening our team with endless data entry. We look forward to deploying Complexica’s software to help us provide customers with maximum value and service.”

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Complexica Signs New Customers, Including Costa Group, Luxury Escapes, and Australian Outdoor Living

1 October 2018

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing decisions, announced today that it has recently signed several new customers, including Australian Outdoor Living, Costa Group, and Luxury Escapes. The engagement with Australian Outdoor Living will focus on the area of marketing spend optimisation, using advanced analytics to measure the effectiveness of AOL’s marketing spend and mix, with a view to optimise this area through Complexica’s Artificial Intelligence platform Larry, the Digital Analyst®

“As a leader and innovator in our industry, continuous improvement is part of our company culture and ethos in all areas of the business,” said Daryl Chim, Chief Operating Officer at Australian Outdoor Living. “We have confidence in Complexica’s long history of tackling difficult prediction and optimisation problems, and look forward to working together to optimise this challenging aspect of our operation.”

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Why You Need Bots to Survive in Modern Sales

12 September 2018

Artificial Intelligence in sales is already here and the top-tier companies are reengineering their processes to take advantage of next generation automation. Watson (IBM), Einstein (Salesforce), Larry (Complexica) and Amy (x.ai) are our sidekicks. The key is to channel Iron Man - part man, part machine. Embrace the salesbots for hyper-productivity and effectiveness or be replaced.

Imagine if you could automagically crunch data and prioritize the leads that have the highest propensity to close? Bots are already doing this. Larry, from Complexica, just won the 2018 Innovation Award from the Australian Information Industry Association. Complexica has an opportunity identifier for transactional sales. Say you’re a sales rep in the wine industry. You have hundreds of licensed premises in your territory, and knowing who is best to call and what to talk about, beyond your (yawn) specials this month, is a difficult thing to figure out. In Australia, the average restaurant or licensed premise has 50 different salespeople calling on them every month.

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Metcash to Use AI for Promotional Planning Optimisation in Liquor

20 August 2018

Metcash’s liquor division, Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM), is taking its marketing to the cloud after signing an agreement with Complexica for standardising and optimising its promotional activities using Artificial Intelligence. ALM supports more than 2700 independently-owned stores operating under the IBA banner group including Cellarbrations, the Bottle-O, IGA Liquor, Thirsty Camel, and Porters Liquor.

“Following a successful proof-of-concept earlier this year, we have selected Complexica as our vendor of choice for standardising and optimising our promotional planning activities,” said interim CEO of ALM, Rod Pritchard. “Complexica’s Promotional Campaign Manager [PCM] will provide us with a cloud-based platform for automating and optimising promotional planning for more than 2700 stores, leading to improved decision-making, promotional effectiveness, and financial outcomes for our retail stores.”

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