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Metcash Goes Live with Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager and Embarks on Phase 2

1 May 2019

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales, marketing, & supply chain decisions, announced today that its award-winning Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) software has gone live on time and on budget within Metcash’s liquor division - Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM). Next month, Complexica and ALM will kick off phase 2 of the project, which will introduce advanced prediction and optimisation capabilities into the deployed system.  

“We are  excited to progress our partnership with  Complexica to the next phase, with the initial roll out of their Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) software being well received by the business and delivering on the promise of removing duplication and manual work from our processes. Phase two of the project will allow us to build promotional programs using advanced prediction and optimisation algorithms, to ensure the best possible outcomes for our retailers,” said Joel Zamek, General Manager of Merchandising at Australian Liquor Marketers.

Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM), the liquor division of Metcash, operates out of 15 distribution centres in Australia and New Zealand. With annual revenues in excess of $3.4 billion, ALM is Australia’s largest broad-range liquor wholesaler, supplying over 12,000 liquor-licensed premises throughout Australia. ALM supports over 2,700 independently-owned stores operating under the IBA banner group. Well-known IBA brands include Cellarbrations, the Bottle-O, IGA Liquor, Thirsty Camel and Porters Liquor. For more information, please visit: https://www.metcash.com/our-businesses/liquor

Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) provides mission-critical functionality for planning and analysing retail promotional campaigns, as well as predicting and optimising their effectiveness. Powered by Complexica’s award-winning Artificial Intelligence engine - Larry, the Digital Analyst® - the Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) uses internal and external data to provide practical decision support for promotional activities, as well as:

  • Replace home-grown spreadsheets with a cloud-based system that provides multi-user access to centralised slotting boards, forward plans, and dashboard analytics
  • Provide predictive capabilities to forecast and measure the value of plans based on volume, revenue, and margin predictions
  • Provide optimisation capabilities to produce optimised promotional plans based on a variety of constraints and objectives (for example maximising margin in one territory while not decreasing revenue in others)
  • Automate data loading, handling, and manipulation 

"Complexica's Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) is used by ALM to centralise and automate a wide variety of complex analytical tasks associated with the process of building effective promotional campaigns for more than 2,700 retail stores. The Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM) interfaces with ALM’s internal systems, so that staff can build promotional campaigns and pricing on a product, product group, and region level," said Mike Costa, Director of Strategic Accounts and Customer Success at Complexica. "The deployment of phase 2 functionality will enable the business to create optimised plans and prioritise their promotional banner store activities."

Click here to read a recent interview with Chris Baddock, the newly appointed CEO of ALM

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