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Webinar Explores AI potential for Drinks Industry

26 September 2020

Complexica Managing Director Matt Michalewicz has discussed the rise of artificial intelligence and its potential for the drinks industry at a Drinks Association webinar

“For the liquor industry in particular, advances in Artificial Intelligence systems and Machine Learning algorithms can drive improvements in high-value areas such as trade spend and promotional planning, pricing, demand forecasting and inventory optimization, as well as multi-channel marketing and sales activities,” Michalewicz said. "The problem is that there has been so much technological development in the recent past, that most liquor industry participants are unaware of what’s now possible and the benefits that can be realised.”

During the webinar, Michalewicz revealed how AI can help bridge the gap between “insights” and optimized decision making and gave examples of how AI can improve promotional planning, pricing, personalisation, and demand forecasting. 

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The Drinks Association is a whole of industry trade association within the Australian drinks industry with the responsibility of informing, strengthening, connecting and promoting for the benefit of their Members and the Australian drinks industry as a whole. For more information about the Drinks Association, please visit: www.drinkscentral.com.au/drinksassociationWelcome

Topics: liquor pricing and promotions, digital transformation, liquor retail, promotional planning, Artificial Intelligence, demand planning, Planning, Scheduling, Digitalisation, Drinks Association, Matt Michalewicz


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