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Why You Need Bots to Survive in Modern Sales

12 September 2018

Artificial Intelligence in sales is already here and the top-tier companies are reengineering their processes to take advantage of next generation automation. Watson (IBM), Einstein (Salesforce), Larry (Complexica) and Amy (x.ai) are our sidekicks. The key is to channel Iron Man - part man, part machine. Embrace the salesbots for hyper-productivity and effectiveness or be replaced.

Imagine if you could automagically crunch data and prioritize the leads that have the highest propensity to close? Bots are already doing this. Larry, from Complexica, just won the 2018 Innovation Award from the Australian Information Industry Association. Complexica has an opportunity identifier for transactional sales. Say you’re a sales rep in the wine industry. You have hundreds of licensed premises in your territory, and knowing who is best to call and what to talk about, beyond your (yawn) specials this month, is a difficult thing to figure out. In Australia, the average restaurant or licensed premise has 50 different salespeople calling on them every month.

With Larry, you are the one and only salesperson the owner looks forward to meeting because you provide amazing insights and advice on how they can grow their business and improve profit. I kid you not; Larry can pull every menu on the Internet from your client’s competitors, analyze the meals on the menus and their pricing and identify the fact that restaurants in the same category within a 10-minute drive have food prices averaging 12 percent more than your client. Your insight (the reason to meet) is that your customer could increase prices by 8 percent tomorrow without becoming uncompetitive.

To read the full story, please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-you-need-bots-survive-modern-sales-tony-j-hughes

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