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Artificial Intelligence Firm Complexica says Listing the Next Step as Pernod Ricard Project Rolls Out

23 February 2021

Having just implemented a two year program to inject artificial intelligence smarts across Pernod Ricard’s global winemaking processes, Adelaide tech firm Complexica now has its sights on an ASX listing for next year. The company, headed up by managing director Matthew Michalewicz, will be looking to raise $25-$50 million to help drive further growth and market recognition of the firm, founded seven years ago.

In addition to customers like Metcash, Lion Drinks, DuluxGroup, PFD Food Services, Costa Group, and Arnott's, Complexica has been working with Pernod to “digitalise” the winemaking process across multiple sites, and optimise supply chain planning and scheduling activities. “The project is a global first in terms of using artificial intelligence to globally optimise the end-to-end winemaking process from vineyard through to bottling within a single software platform,’’ said Matt Michalewicz, Complexica's Managing Director.

Pernod Ricard IT director Simon Bennett said the software solution would eventually be rolled out across all of the company’s winemaking operations in New Zealand, Australia, Spain and the US. Mr Bennett said, in simple terms, it was taking a number of processes which may have been carried out on a whiteboard or excel spreadsheet, and bringing them all together in order to be able to make better decisions, cut down on handling, and in the end, making better wine.

To read the full story, please visit: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/ai-firm-complexica-says-listing-the-next-step-as-pernod-ricard-project-rolls-out/news-story/80bdc9b21725a20b6ba9d0fb6d1f2d3b

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Topics: Complexica Decision Cloud, supply chain optimisation, winemaking digitalisation, Pernod Ricard Pacific, global optimisation, end-to-end winemaking optimisation


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