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About Us

Bhaskar (Ram) Rampalli

Bhaskar (Ram) Rampalli, Senior Manager, Product Strategy and Development

Bhaskar (Ram) Rampalli, Senior Manager, Product Strategy and Development

Ram started his career as a developer for Oracle in advanced supply chain planning solutions, where he implemented demand, supply, as well trade promotion management systems within APAC, EMEA, and North and South America.

Ram understands the complexities and idiosyncrasies of each geographical market, including the diversities of direct and indirect distribution channels. He has worked with many organisations ranging from medium to large scale to deliver customer-centric outcomes. 

Ram is passionate about operations research and computer science for practical applications. He is a self-proclaimed IT policy junkie and lives by the mantra "power comes with responsibility." Ram is a developer at heart who strives to deliver creativity and customer-centricity within the Complexica suite of software products. 


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