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Dr. Adam Wierzbicki


Dr. Adam Wierzbicki, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

Adam Wierzbicki received his Ph.D. degree from the Warsaw University of Technology and a habilitation title from the Institute of Systems Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

He is currently a Professor and Vice-President at the Polish-Japanese Institute for Information Technology in Poland.

Adam is an expert in big data, data mining, and machine learning, and has considerable experience in simulation and multi-agent systems. His current research interests focus on social informatics, in particular on credibility, trust management, collective intelligence and fairness in distributed systems.

He has published several papers on trust management and on applications of the theory of equity to provide fairness in open distributed systems, and is the author of a Springer book titled Trust and Fairness in Open, Distributed Systems.

He is also interested in open collaboration, particularly using Wiki technology, and in Crowdsourcing, with an emphasis on new algorithms for evaluating and managing Crowdsourcing workers. In 2011-2015 Adam headed the Reconcile Project, which developed tools for the evaluation of Web content credibility.


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