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Dr. Vic Ciesielski


Dr. Vic Ciesielski, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

Vic Ciesielski received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology at RMIT University where he heads the Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning Group.

His research interests include genetic programming, data mining, evolutionary computer vision, deep learning and evolutionary art.

Vic has a record of successful application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to industrial problems. He has provided the scientific direction for over 20 industry projects of various sizes, which have involved the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques.

These include an insurance underwriting system based on expert system technologies, an obstacle avoidance system for autonomous mining vehicles operating in tunnels, which uses machine learning and computer vision techniques, and a malt quality analysis system based on machine learning and texture analysis.

Most recently he is responsible for the data mining behind the realas.com.au house price prediction app.


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