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About Us

Dr.Łukasz Brocki


Dr. Łukasz Brocki, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

Łukasz Brocki received his Ph.D. degree from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. His research was focused on using recurrent neural networks for acoustic and language modeling for speech recognition. Łukasz took part in several European scientific projects including Luna, EU-Bridge or Clarin.

His current research interests focus on deep learning, stacked LSTM neural networks, extreme learning machines and evolutionary computation. He has published several papers on using neural networks in language technology and prediction tasks.

Łukasz gathered experience while working in IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH, Voice Department, where he was a member of international group working with the world's longest commercially developed speech recognition system – IBM ViaVoice.

Łukasz founded Primespeech, the first Polish company that specializes in developing speech and language technology. Primespeech also produces optimization and prediction software that apply deep learning algorithms.

The company's customers include key organizations in Poland such as PZU, City of Warsaw and the Polish Bank Association.

Some of our Customers