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Dr.Pablo Moscato


Dr. Pablo Moscato, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

Pablo Moscato is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow (2012-16) and a Professor of Computer Science at The University of Newcastle. 

At the California Institute of Technology (1988-89) he developed a methodology called memetic algorithms, which is now widely used around the world in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Business and Consumer Analytics.

Pablo is Founding Director of the Priority Research Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-based Medicine (2007-2015), and the Funding Director of Newcastle Bioinformatics Initiative (2002-2006) of The University of Newcastle. His expertise in Data Science was essential for a large number of applied projects.

Pablo has been working in Applied Mathematics for 30 years, and in heuristic methods for Operations Research problems since 1985.

His work and ideas have been highly influential in a large number of scientific and technological fields and his manuscripts have been widely cited. The journal "Memetic Computing" is largely dedicated to a methodology he championed.

Every 48 hours a new published paper describes a novel application of these techniques. Due this work and his other contributions in the areas of classification and machine learning, Pablo Moscato is very well-respected in the global academia and industry and has become one of Australia's most cited and influential computer scientists.

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