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Dr. Masoud Mohammadian


Dr. Masoud Mohammadian, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

Masoud Mohammadian received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Central Queensland, before joining the University of Canberra in 1998. Besides teaching various undergraduate and graduate courses, his research interests include neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computing, optimisation, data analytics, and modelling of complex adaptive systems, as well as the application of computational intelligence techniques for learning and adaptation of intelligent agents, and web-based information filtering and data mining. Masoud has successfully completed many industry projects related to real-time data processing, planning, and decision-making.

Masoud has edited over 20 books and conference proceedings in the area of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Agents, and authored more than 130 peer-reviewed publications in the form of books, book chapters, journal articles and conference papers.

He has also chaired and co-chaired over 14 international conferences in the area of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Agents.


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