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About Us

Sue Finch


Sue Finch, Director, People & Culture

Sue Finch is a dynamic professional with a diverse background spanning various industries, showcasing her adaptability and passion for making a difference. With five years of experience in hospitality management, she honed her skills in customer service, operations, and team leadership.

After her venture into hospitality, she dedicated thirteen years to the field of veterinary nursing and management, where she demonstrated exceptional care for animals, managed teams in fast-paced environments and implemented best practices in veterinary care. Alongside her practical experience, Sue is a respected academic in the realm of Australian wildlife, having published multiple articles that contribute to the understanding and conservation of native fauna. 

In pursuit of her entrepreneurial spirit, Sue embarked on a four-year journey as a small business owner, where she navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship. Building upon her diverse experiences, Sue transitioned into the realm of human resources, where she applies her multifaceted skills to enhance employee development, shape organisational culture and support strategic planning. 

With a proven track record of leadership, innovation, and dedication to both animals and humans alike, she continues to make a meaningful impact in her professional endeavours, embodying the values of compassion, excellence, and integrity.


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