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Xiang Li

Xiang Li Complexica

Xiang Li, M.Sc., Lead Machine Learning Scientist

Xiang Li has a decade of experience in algorithmic design, development, and implementation within an enterprise software architecture. Prior to joining Complexica, Xiang was an Optimization Scientist for Schneider Electric, where he was the primary designer of many optimization engines, including blending for grain growers through to crew rostering/forecasting within mining supply chains. From those projects, Xiang published a number of scientific papers on the application of Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for complex real-world problems. Apart from algorithm design, he was also responsible for the development of common optimization libraries at Schneider Electric, and led the algorithm study group where he hosted regular presentations to introduce new technologies into the business. Xiang Li graduated from the University of Adelaide with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science.

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