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Run Effective Promotional Campaigns

Promotional Campaign Manager (PCM)

Do you find your current promotional campaigns effective?

Are you satisfied with your ability to manage trade promotions?

Does your business have the capability to produce complex data analysis for promotional campaign decision support?

Does your current promotional plan enable what-if simulations?

Do your current promotional activities consider all factors, e.g. promotional lift, sensitivity and elasticity across segments, drivers of category buying and competitor activity?

What Can PCM Do For You?

  • Enable what-if simulation to automate the exploration of a large number of scenarios
  • Provide advanced predictive capabilities to forecast and measure the value of plans based on volume, revenue, and margin predictions 
  • Provide sophisticated optimisation capabilities to produce optimised promotional plans based on a variety of constraints and objectives
  • Optimise trade spend to increase product visibility, raise brand awareness, grow a category or differentiate a product 
  • Provide prescriptive and actionable analytics and practical decision support for your promotional activities to help improve your profitability
  • Replace home-grown spreadsheets with a cloud-based system that provides multi-user access to centralised slotting boards, forward plans, and dashboard analytics


Predictive capabilities to forecast and measure the value of plans based on volume, revenue, and margin predictions. We help create an improved historical data management system to ensure that historical promotions data is available to enable better prediction and forecasting capabilities

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Optimisation capabilities to produce optimised promotional plans and optimise trade spend based on a variety of constraints and objectives (e.g. maximise margin in one territory while not decreasing revenue in others). Increase the quality, timeliness and effectiveness of the promotional planning process and get the most of your trade spend. 


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Automate your business processes around promotional activities, including data loading, handling, and manipulation to significantly reduce manual work and error rate.  

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If you are still using home-grown spreadsheets to manage your promotional activities now is the time to replace them with a cloud-based AI system that provides multi-user access to centralised slotting boards, forward plans, and dashboard analytics. Our customers have significantly reduced the effort and time required to build promotional plans by replacing thousands of home grown spreadsheets with a centralised cloud-based AI system.

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Who uses Complexica’s PCM?

                                                                                                                              Some of the largest Australian B2B organisations including:


ALM/Metcash (Australia’s largest broad-range liquor wholesaler with 15 distribution centres in Australia and New Zealand, and annual revenues in excess of $3.4 billion)


LMG (one of Australia’s leading alcohol marketing groups, representing more than 1,400 retail outlets with annual turnover of over $1 billion) 


Lion (a leading beverage and food company with a portfolio that includes many of Australasia’s favourite brands in beer, wine, spirits, dairy, juice & more)

What customers say about PCM

“Dubbed 'Project Automate', the goal is to increase the quality, timeliness, and effectiveness of our promotional campaigns, as well as the financial outcomes achieved by our retail stores. We see the project as a key stepping stone to becoming best in class when it comes to promotional effectiveness at a retail level. Working with Complexica to deliver Project Automate has been a true partnership from the initial stages of analysis of LMG’s existing processes and data handling, through scoping and development phase and onto delivery and process change adoption. The Complexica team have delivered considerable value at each stage and will continue to be a valued partner to LMG”.

Gavin Saunders, Finance Director at Liquor Marketing Group

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