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See Larry, the Digital Analyst® in action

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Is your organisation a

  • Manufacturer with a large SKU range & multi-channel sales
  • Wholesaler/distributor with a long tail of customers
  • Retailer wanting to improve promotional effectiveness & enable personalisation

wishing to solve complex, multi-objective, high-value and large-scale problems?

Do you require sophisticated solutions for improved decision-making? 

If so, watch this video to learn how our award-winning AI engine - Larry, the Digital Analyst® can 

  • Set up promotions
  • Optimise pricing
  • Monitor sales and margin performance
  • Increase customer engagement

by solving some of the most common problems that many B2B selling organisations face

"As a global innovator in the wine industry, Pernod Ricard Winemakers is always seeking ways to gain efficiencies and best practices across our operational sites. Given the rise of Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics in recent times, we have engaged Complexica to explore how we can achieve a best-in-class wine supply chain using their cloud-based software applications. The engagement is focused on Australia & New Zealand, with a view to expand globally."

Brett McKinnon Global Operations Director, Pernod Ricard Winemakers

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