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Increase Customer Engagement and Sales Productivity

Customer Opportunity Profiler_screenshot.png

Do you have a direct sales force, a large SKU range, and a "long tail" of customers? Are you struggling to build greater engagement with customers and prospects? Would you like to be able to predict and reduce customer churn?

If so, watch this video to learn how our Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP) can 

  • Optimise sales activities and route plans
  • Identify opportunities in each territory 
  • Predict churn
  • Personalise customer interactions

by solving some of the most common problems that many B2B selling organisations face

"Rather than building out an internal analytics team to investigate and analyse countless data sets, we have partnered with Complexica to provide our sales reps with the answers they need, when they need them, on a fully automated basis. “

Peter Caughey CEO, Coventry Group

Some of our Customers