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Grow Your Margin, Volume and Overall Category

Trade Promotion Management and Trade Promotion Optimisation 

Are your current trade promotions optimised for category growth and margin?

Does your trade spend deliver the desired ROI?

Do you know what your most profitable products are?

Does your current system have the predictive capability to forecast volume by considering price elasticity, cannibalisation, seasonality and other key variables?

Are your current trade promotions optimised for price realisation?

Does your current trade promotion management (TPM) system have the capability to capture and analyse data from multiple sources for optimised decision making?

What Can TPM/TPO Do For You?

Manage funding, budgeting and reconciliation of your promotions.

Monitor and evaluate all promotional activities - all on one platform. 

  • Enable cross-team live collaboration on a centralised platform, uniting siloes for a joint effort across the organisation 
  • Leverage what-if simulation to automate the exploration of a large number of scenarios
  • Provide advanced predictive capabilities to forecast and measure the value of plans based on volume, revenue, and margin predictions
  •  Manage trade promotions by using sophisticated tools with advanced analytical capabilities such as advanced price elasticity, product and cross-retailer cannibalization modeling
  • Reduce time and effort for scenario modeling with the ability to
    create and explore a large number of what-if scenarios by temporarily adjusting objectives, constraints, and/or business rules
  • Provide sophisticated optimisation capabilities to produce optimised promotional plans based on a variety of constraints and objectives
  • Optimise trade spend by leveraging AI to increase product profitability, improve product purchase rate, grow a category, or improve volume forecast
  • Provide prescriptive and actionable analytics and practical decision support for your promotional activities to help improve your profitability
  • Replace home-grown spreadsheets with a digital environment that provides a single source of truth and automated workflows


If you are still using home-grown spreadsheets to manage your promotional activities now is the time to replace them with a cloud-based AI system that provides multi-user access to centralised slotting boards, drag-and-drop functionality,  forward plans, and dashboard analytics.

Our customers have significantly reduced the effort and time required to build promotional plans by replacing thousands of home grown spreadsheets with a centralised, fully digitalised and easy to use system.





Automate your business processes around promotional activities, including data loading, handling, and manipulation. 

Significantly reduce manual work and error rate with data validation,  workflow automation, alert notifications, and guidelines.



Make the most of the advanced optimisation capabilities to produce retailer-specific promotional plans and optimised trade spend based on a variety of constraints and objectives (e.g. maximise margin in one category while not decreasing revenue in others).

Increase the quality, timeliness and effectiveness of the promotional planning process and get the most out of your trade spend. 





Forecast and measure the value of plans based on volume, revenue, and margin predictions with the help of advanced predictive capabilities.

We help create an improved historical data management system to ensure that historical promotions data is available to enable better prediction and forecasting capabilities




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Grow Your Margin, Volume and Overall Category

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