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Soner Teknikeler

Dr. Soner Teknikeller, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Customer Solutions, Complexica

Dr. Soner Teknikeller, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Customer Solutions

Soner is an Applied Economist with expertise in developing and deploying AI, ML and econometric capabilities coupled with commercial strategies to provide practical solutions in large multinational businesses. 

He joined Complexica from Lion (previously known as Lion Nathan), a major multi-national beverage manufacturer, where he was the Advanced Analytics Business Partner responsible for setting up the Advanced Analytics function and successfully leading several initiatives. He also has experience in multiple commercial and pricing strategy roles at Lion, and a variety of other pricing roles on the retailer side, and in finance, prior to Lion.

Soner’s passion includes impactful decision support, improved planning, strategy, digital capability, data utilisation and rationalising consumer behaviour. Initially an engineer, with a 1st class honours, who later became an economist having completed his Ph.D. in "Applying Neural Networks in Macroeconomic Forecasting Models." Soner also continues to lecture and unit coordinate at the University of Western Sydney in the fields of Economics, Statistics and Finance for both postgraduate and undergraduate units.


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