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BGC Fibre Cement Goes Live with Complexica’s Sales Accelerator and Multiplier (SAM) Software

29 January 2024

Complexica, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales, marketing, and supply chain activities, has announced that BGC Fibre Cement, a business unit of one of Australia's largest vertically-integrated construction material companies, has gone live with Complexica’s Sales Accelerator and Multiplier (SAM) software. The software is used for optimising BGC Fibre Cement sales force activities, as well as customer relationships and interactions.

Complexica’s cloud-based SAM software provides multi-user access to call planning/scheduling, data-driven Next Best Conversations (NBCs), as well a mobile app for in-field execution. The SAM software automates data loading and handling, optimises sales call planning, and improves overall sales performance. Additionally, the software prompts reps to have data-driven sales conversations with customers based upon their performance, sales trends, and segmentation, in order to increase wallet share and incremental revenue. SAM is also able to monitor the effectiveness (in actual sales) of these conversations at an individual customer level. The self-learning aspects of the software also promote effective conversations to other reps and customers, thereby increasing data-driven sales opportunities across the sales force.

"We are very thankful for the support of the Complexica team, the build and roll out of the program was seamless and we are very pleased with early outcomes. The benefits of the new system are being materialised and the team have adopted the software without exception. We look forward to seeing increased productivity and efficiency with our sales force which will support them in delivering improved commercial outcomes,” said Craig Blinco, Executive Sales & Marketing Manager, BGC FibreCement.

Complexica’s cloud-based SAM software platform offers a complete solution for sales reps, enabling them to streamline customer information and analysis, and derive rich insights without wasting time on spreadsheets or databases. With Complexica’s software, users can view qualitative insights for each customer, including historical and upcoming activities, purchase history, and customer survey questions. The software also allows users to create new opportunities, manage existing ones, and generate cross-sell and up-sell actions where relevant. With the ability to analyse customer sales and generate recommended actions and next best conversations, the software helps reps have conversations that are tailored to each customer's needs and preferences.

"We are very happy that the BGC implementation of the SAM Product has gone live, and is producing measurable results already," said Arvind Mohais, Director of Delivery at Complexica. "The project has allowed BGC to provide a standardised and optimised AI-based platform to their Sales Reps. This enables all Sales Reps to have easy access to data-driven AI advice about how best to allocate their time to sales calls, and access new opportunities, thus growing their portfolios."

BGC is WA’s only vertically integrated construction company. Founded in 1959 by architect Len Buckeridge, BGC started out as a property development and building company focused on residential home construction in Perth. Len Buckeridge had a passionate drive for making home ownership available to as many people as possible. Today, with 16 businesses across residential construction, commercial construction, and manufacturing, BGC is one of the largest and most diversified privately owned groups in WA. For more information about BGC, please visit:  https://www.bgc.com.au/


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