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Artificial Intelligence Enabling Sales Effectiveness

6 April 2017

While many in sales fumble around with automated blasting and spamming, some of the best minds in the world are quietly revolutionizing sales forever. Make no mistake, all professions are facing the great disruption of the machine age as the bots steadily take over the trickiest of surgeries and medical procedures, legal research and precedent analysis, driving in the most hazardous of roads and mines, navigating and piloting the airways, automating banking and accounting, making the most complex decisions for marketing and advertising within markets. Relationships alone cannot save your sales career. You'll need technology if you are to achieve the level of efficiency and effective needed to thrive.

So what problems is Complexica seeking to solve with AI for sales? In our view, there are 5 specific problems that sales managers are struggling with and trying to solve:

  1. Reducing the non-selling time of sales reps
  2. Increasing the ROI on sales resources, particular those in field
  3. Maximising revenue and margin of each quote and order that is processed
  4. Helping sales reps “change the conversation” and become more of a “trusted advisor” with customers
  5. Increasing CRM compliance, without increasing the sales rep’s administrative burden and non-selling time?

To read the full article, please visit: www.linkedin.com/pulse/real-example-artificial-intelligence-enabling-sales-tony-j-hughes 

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