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Complexica CEO to Speak at Gartner's International CEO Forum

11 May 2018

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing decisions, announced today that Matt Michalewicz will present at Gartner's International Executive Forum for Chief Executive Officers in Sydney. His keynotes will focus on how Artificial Intelligence is being used within organisations to improve revenue, margin, customer engagement, and competitiveness.

"We've delighted to have Matthew Michalewicz share his insights and views on how Artificial Intelligence and big data is impacting the sales & marketing operation within large organisations," said Heidi Badgery, Director of International Executive Forums at CEB. "At this session, CEB will be sharing research-based insights to identify where and how sales and marketing teams can align to deliver the greatest revenue impact, and on the future of the sales & marketing, in particular the very real impact of automation and artificial intelligence on day-to-day operations."

Gartner's International Executive Forums provides a comprehensive business briefing service and network for sharing ideas and experiences exclusively for the local leaders of global companies. The International Executive Forums have more than 700 members across more than 480 multinational organisations operating in Australia, comprised of four peer groups:

  • the International CEO Forum
  • the International CFO Forum
  • the International HRD Forum
  • the International CSO Forum

For more information on the event, please visit: www.cebglobal.com/global-locations/ceb-australia/international-executive-forums/international-ceo-forum.html

Topics: speaking on AI, Artificial Intelligence, big data, sales optimization, Matt Michalewicz


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