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Achieving Better Sales Results with Artificial Intelligence Technology

23 February 2016

Interview with Marcus Evans Summits:

“Sales and Marketing departments can dramatically improve the effectiveness of telesales operators, in-field sales reps, promotions, and campaigns by utilising technology based on the latest advances in artificial intelligence,” comments Matt Michalewicz, Managing Director, Complexica Pty Ltd. “These days, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to understand customers at a very deep level, to provide the right information, offers and price to them,” he adds.

What is “Larry, the Digital Analyst”®? How can CMOs utilise Larry for different marketing initiatives?

Larry is a software robot comprised of smart algorithms that automate complex analytical tasks, thereby helping companies sell more products and services, as well as reduce labour costs – in other words, Larry provides automated answers and insights that help CMOs make better decisions.

 Could this revolutionise the role of Sales and Marketing?

Absolutely. Advances in artificial intelligence can dramatically improve the profiling and targeting of customers, the messages and offers delivered to them, and the pricing provided, all of which translates into an improved business result. CMOs should look at these new approaches as many sales and marketing functions can now be done cheaper, better, and faster than in the past.

To read the full interview, please visit: http://bitly.com/1Tv6Mtw



Topics: Artificial Intelligence, sales optimisation, sales force automation


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