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DuluxGroup Extends Complexica Relationship into Pricing Optimisation

2 September 2019

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that it has expanded its relationship with DuluxGroup into the area of pricing optimisation. This new contract will allow DuluxGroup to integrate Complexica’s next-generation Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP) and Larry, the Digital Analyst® with the pricing optimisation capabilities available in its Order Management System (OMS).

The pricing optimisation project will be achieved by operationalising the current pricing tier structure via price tier recommendations to provide sales reps with dynamic pricing recommendations and suggestions when negotiating pricing tiers and overrides with customers, flag when re-pricing is due for a customer because of a fixed contract expiring or failing to meet volume targets for the required price tier, and provide management with exception reporting on sales rep overrides and deviations from the “pricing tier/required volume” estimates.

“After an evaluation process and successful proof-of-concept, we have chosen to partner with Complexica to upgrade the technological capability of our in-field sales force,” said Stephen Mooney, Group Sales Capability Manager for DuluxGroup. “The next-generation Customer Opportunity Profiler provided by Complexica will serve as a key tool for sales staff to optimise their daily activities, personalise conversations and interactions with customers, and analyse data to generate actionable insights for pricing.”

DuluxGroup is a leading marketer and manufacturer of some of Australia’s most recognised and leading brands, across paints, coatings, sealants, adhesives, garden care and other home improvement product categories. With origins dating back to 1918, the company is committed to helping consumers to imagine and create better places and spaces in which to live and work. DuluxGroup generates annual revenues in excess of $1.7 billion and employs approximately 4,000 people across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia, China and the United Kingdom. For more information about DuluxGroup, please visit: www.duluxgroup.com.au

“DuluxGroup is a greatly-valued strategic customer of Complexica, and we look forward to expanding our relationship into the pricing optimisation space,” said Mike Costa, Director of Customer Engagement at Complexica. “Our next-generation Customer Opportunity Profiler (COP) will be enabled to provide DuluxGrup sales staff with dynamic price guides using the advanced machine learning and knowledge discovery algorithms within Larry, the Digital Analyst®.”

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, pricing optimisation


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