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PFD Foods “Hires” Larry, the Digital Analyst to Provide In-field Sales Staff, Call Centre Operators, and Online Portal, with Optimised Recommendations

22 December 2015

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing decisions, announced today that its flagship product – Larry, the Digital Analyst® – has been “hired” by PFD Food Services to provide optimised recommendations across the company’s primary sales channels of in-field reps, telesales operators, and online portal sales.

PFD_Food_Services.png “PFD is an innovator in the field of food services and our focus is always on providing customers with maximum value. The combination of these two forces – being innovative and customer focused – has resulted in our decision to deploy Larry, the Digital Analyst® across our business,” said Richard Cohen, Chief Information Officer of PFD Food Services. “Instead of hiring hundreds of data scientists to churn through endless sets of data to provide PFD with customer-specific insights and personalised recommendations, Larry will serve up the answers we need, when we need them, on a fully automated basis without the time and manual processes typically associated with complex analytical tasks.”

PFD is Australia's largest privately-owned food services company, distributing food products and related consumables to restaurants, hotels, and commercial kitchens throughout the country. With more than 2,500 employees, 70 strategically located warehouses, and annual turnover of approximately AUD $1.6 billion, PFD Food Services covers more than 91% of the Australian population geographically. For more information about PFD Food Services, please visit: www.PFDFoods.com.au

Larry will join PFD’s workforce as a Digital Analyst, tasked with analysing large internal and external datasets on a 24/7 basis to provide customers and suppliers with win-win outcomes. He will also serve as an E-commerce Recommendation Engine within PFD’s online portal to provide personalised offers and customer-specific insights through PFD’s ordering portal.

“Most mainstream analytical applications provide the facilities to create reports, queries, and dashboards to visualise what’s going on within an organisation, but this passive and historical approach to analytics does little to move the needle on sales and marketing initiatives. Through the provision of automated analytics and optimised recommendations, Larry, the Digital Analyst® can help an organisation make better and faster decisions, allowing it to outpace the competition,” said Matt Michalewicz, CEO of Complexica. “It has been an enormous pleasure working with the national team at PFD Food Services during “Project Larry,” and we look forward to adding further innovations to Larry that will allow PFD to provide even more value to their customers.”

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